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Mailbutler’s extension for Apple Mail and Gmail lets you schedule emails to be sent at a specific date and time in the future, so you can optimize delivery dates based on your recipient's’ time zone and availability.

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Write Now, Send Later

Prioritize your communication
Write your emails when it’s convenient for you and send them later. Mailbutler automatically sends your emails even when you’re offline.
Follow-up at the perfect time.
Working with clients in different time zones? Put your follow-up emails on auto-pilot and contact them when they’re most engaged.
Manage emails anywhere, anytime.
Emails scheduled with Mailbutler are stored on your email server and can be edited anytime and anywhere before sent.


António Lino
"Mailbutler is by far the best personal productivity app I have used. Absolutely essential in any workflow! Now I can not live without Send Later. "
António Lino
Managing Partner, Topologia
Samy-Félix Picard
"The Send Later feature is really practical - I use it to send emails to my customers at the right time! "
Samy-Félix Picard
CEO, Brew's


How does Mailbutler’s Send Later work on Apple Mail and Gmail?

Mailbutler can schedule your emails to be sent at any desired time and date. This works by temporarily saving your messages in the ‘Scheduled’ folder. To schedule your messages, simply click the ‘Send Later’ button on Gmail, or the ‘Send Later’ icon on Apple Mail when you have finished writing your email.

Can I reschedule, cancel, or edit my emails after I hit ‘Send Later’?

Absolutely - scheduled emails are stored in your ‘Scheduled’ folder - simply select your email and press ‘Unschedule & Edit’ on Apple Mail, or press ‘Disable Send Later’ from your email draft on Gmail.

Do I need to keep my computer on for my scheduled emails to be sent?

Unlike most humans, Mailbutler works 24/7 without burning out. Scheduled emails can be sent even when you are offline.

This was just one of the reasons to love Mailbutler.

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