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Stop missing opportunities because of lost or forgotten email threads. Follow-up Reminders by Mailbutler automatically lets you know when you need to check an email again at a due date and time. Streamline your productivity routine and sync Follow-up Reminders with Todoist, Wunderlist and Asana - get more things done in less time!

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Close more deals
Easy to use follow-up reminders for your next sales campaign. Never let any conversation go to waste.
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Need to take note of deadlines to meet, bills to pay? Reminders will take care of that.
Sync with your favorite productiity tool
Save and sync your Follow-Up reminders easily with Todoist, Wunderlist and Asana.


Samy-Félix Picard
"The follow-up reminder feature is so great. I get a reminder when I did not get any answer from my emails. Really useful! "
Samy-Félix Picard
CEO, Brew's
David Balensiefen
"Now I can’t imagine to not have Mailbutler’s assistance every day. It makes a huge difference. It’s very helpful and can be used just by everyone. "
David Balensiefen
CEO, gridX GmbH


What are follow-up reminders and how do they help me?

You can set reminders for your emails to follow up in future date and time. Follow-up reminders help you easily act upon your responses and emails with no responses. For example, set a follow-up reminder if your prospect does not reply your email in 3 days.

How does Mailbutler’s Follow-up reminders work on Apple Mail and Gmail?

Mailbutler lets you attach follow-up reminders to each of your email on Apple Mail and Gmail. After you opened a message, simply click ‘Add Follow-up reminder’ and set a due date. Mailbutler will automatically remind you when you need to check the email again. Follow-up reminders are automatically saved and synced across devices with Mailbutler installed - or you can access and edit them on Mailbutler’s web dashboard.

Can I sync my Follow-up reminders with other productivity tools?

Sure - Mailbutler currently supports syncing with Wunderlist, Asana, To-doist. If you’re using another productivity tool and would like to add that to the list, let us know!

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